Mysa Network Diagnostic Tool

Network Diagnostic Tool

Mysa has partnered with RouteThis Helps, a third-party network diagnostic tool, to help you troubleshoot pairing, WiFi, and general connectivity issues.

1. Download the App

Please download the free RouteThis Helps App from your devices App Marketplace.

 Android Link | Apple iOS Link

2. Run scan

When the App prompts for a code, please type "MYSA."

Place your phone/tablet next to the thermostat you are having issues with.

Press the 'I Moved It' button and confirm you've moved closer to the affected device.

The scan will take about 2-3 minutes.

3. Send Key

Once the scan is complete, it will produce a key. Please copy that key, it should look something like 8VZRNSYK. 

Send your key to the Mysa support team here.

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