Encountering a HomeKit error?

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Are you getting any of the following errors messages when trying to add Mysa to your WiFi network:

"Couldn’t add Mysa-[6 characters]? Home couldn’t connect to this accessory?”

"Couldn't Add Accessory: Home couldn't connect to this accessory"

"Couldn't Add Accessory: Accessory already added"

The following steps will help you fix this problem:

  1. Turn off WiFi assist, as it can affect the pairing process. Launch Settings app > Tap cellular > Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and switch the WiFi Assist toggle to Off.
  2. Ensure you have deleted your thermostat from the Mysa app. Mysa app > tap thermostat > tap settings in the right-hand corner > tap the trash can icon
  3. Ensure you have deleted the thermostat from the Apple Home app. Apple Home app > tap edit > tap the thermostat you wish to remove > scroll down and tap Remove Accessory
  4. Factory reset your Mysa by holding down the up and down arrows for 10-15 seconds. The thermostat should reboot and a smiley face should appear.
  5. Reset Mysa by turning the breaker off then back on again. 

Open the Mysa app and try to add your thermostat to the WiFi network again. Once it is paired and you can find it in the main app screen, it may show the disconnected symbol (a red exclamation mark over the Wi-Fi symbol) for roughly 30 seconds and then it will go away on it's own.

If you're still having trouble with your thermostat, please reach out to our support team if you have any further questions!

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