In-Floor energy requirements

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*Note-  This article is only for the In-Floor thermostat, there are some differences between this thermostat and the Baseboard thermostat. Make sure you are checking the correct article depending on which product you are wondering about.

What is the maximum wattage for the Mysa In-Floor thermostat?

The table below shows the maximum wattage for different volt systems.   

120 V System 1900 W 60 Hz
240 V System  3800W 60 Hz

How many volts do I need to Use Mysa?

You need either a 120 or 240 V system to use the Mysa In-Floor thermostat. When you receive the box containing your Mysa, the installation guide has a different section for a 120 and 240 V system as there will be a different installation depending on which system you have.

If you are at all unsure about any electric details related to Mysa, we recommend contacting a professional electrician to verify Mysas compatibility. Failure to do this may result in device failure and possible electrical damage. 

What does it mean for a thermostat to be dual voltage?

Dual voltage means that the thermostat can accept 120V or 240V. Just keep in mind that the voltage from the circuit breaker must match the voltage of the heating elements. This means that two mats with different voltages can't be controlled by the same thermostat.

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