In-Floor display features

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Can I turn off the thermostat from the Mysa app?

Yes, on the app, tap the tile of the thermostat you'd like to turn off. Press the icon in the bottom left-hand corner, then tap off mode represented by the plug icon.

'Off Mode' means that the thermostat wont turn on the heater. Mysa itself will remain connected to the internet, and all settings will remain saved on the Mysa app.

Can I lock the touch buttons on the display?

Yes. To do this, open the Mysa app and tap the tile of the thermostat. Press the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner, and scroll down. Under 'Button Control" tap locked.

You will still be able to change the temperature via the Mysa app, however you wont be able to touch the buttons on the Mysa display. 

Does Mysa have a child lock feature? 

No, Mysa does not have a child-lock feature. However, the closest thing to a child lock is locking the touch buttons on the display (see above), this makes it so your child can touch the thermostat without changing the temperature.

Can the thermostat be turned off/on remotely?

Yes, you can turn the thermostat off by using the steps above on the Mysa app. 

Can I get a replacement faceplate if my thermostat isn't working properly?

Yes, please contact support if you are having issues and we'll be happy to send you a new faceplate. Please keep in mind that the issues or damages must fall under our warranty for us to send a replacement. 

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