In-Floor connections

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Where can I download the Mysa app?

Tap to download the Mysa iOS and Android app.

How do WiFi thermostats work?

WiFi thermostats connect to your home WiFi, which allow you to take full control over the thermostat and you heating. You can control these thermostats via the manufacturers app. They can make sure that your heating system isn't running when its warm inside or outside, saving you on energy. 

Does the thermostat automatically update its firmware?

Yes, since the thermostat already has a connection to the WiFi all software and firmware updates will download automatically.

Will the thermostat be able to connect to a portable Wifi router?

No, Mysa needs a strong connection from a house Wifi connection, and won't be able to function properly if connected to a portable Wifi router (ex. MiFi).

Will the thermostat work without Wifi?

Yes, the thermostat will function without Wifi. However, you wont be able to control the thermostat remotely (with your phone). To adjust the temperature without a Wifi connection simply press the up and down arrows until the display shows the temperature you'd like.

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