In-Floor Compatibility

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Does this thermostat work with Baseboard heaters?

No, unlike our Baseboard thermostat, the In-Floor thermostat can only be used with in-floor heating systems.

Are there any other heating systems that are compatible with the Mysa In-Floor Thermostat?

No, the In-Floor thermostat can only be used with In-Floor heating systems. It can not be used with water-based heating systems (ex. Hydro radiant heating), gas-based heating systems (ex. gas furnace) or wall mounted heating systems.

Can I connect my Mysa In-Floor thermostat to an already existing thermostat that controls a furnace or A/C unit?

No, the Mysa In-Floor thermostat has specific energy requirements. It needs either 120V or 240V to function properly, most HVAC thermostats are only 24 volts. The Mysa In-Floor thermostat can only be used with in-floor heating units that meet the energy requirements.  

Can the Mysa In-Floor thermostat be used to control A/C units?

No, the In-Floor thermostat can not be used to control A/C units. 

Can Mysa replace an analog floor heater switch?

Yes, however you need to make sure that the system meets Mysas energy requirements. We would recommend having an electrician come in and take a look at your system before you install Mysa.

Will Mysa work with Schluter Ditra Heat?

Yes, however it may be more complicated to connect Mysa to it. This is because Schluter products has a thermostat specifically designed for their heated floors. Once again, it may be best to contact an electrician to make sure Mysa is compatible wth the system.

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