Google Home Integrations

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How do I use Mysa with Google home?

  1. Create a Mysa account on the Mysa app and name the thermostat/zone (ex. family room)
  2. Connect Mysa to your Google Assistant. For detailed instructions on how to do this, please visit this article on Google's website

What voice commands can I use with Google Assistant?

Similarly to all other commands you wish to use with Google assistant, you must begin the command with "Ok Google". The following are a list of commands that can be used to change settings on your Mysa ;

"Ok Google, what is <room name> set to?"

"Ok Google, set <room name> to <temperature>."

"Ok Google, increase/decrease the temperature in <room name> by <number of degrees>."

*Note- If you say "Ok Google, increase/ decrease the temperature in <room name>". This will increase or decrease the temperature by 5 Deg F (3 Deg C).


Error linking Google assistant with Mysa

  • Ensure you have connected the correct Mysa account to your Google Assistant.
  • Disable and re-enable the connection between Mysa and Google Assistant in the Google app.
  • Ensure your Mysa is connected to the Wifi, as this can prevent it from connecting with the Google assistant.
  • For additional troubleshooting, click here 

Mysa isn't responding when I use voice commands

  • Ensure you are clearly calling out the correct name for the thermostat, shorter names with fewer syllables are better.
  • Ensure your Mysa is connected to Wifi, as this can affect voice commands.
  • Ensure that your thermostat is connected to the Google device. You can check to see if your thermostat is connected in your the Google Home app If not, please follow the set-up instructions above.

If none of the above steps work, a good solution is to disconnect the link between Mysa and Google then re-enable this connection.  

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