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Does Mysa have a built in GFCI?

Yes, it does. 

What does 'Class A GFCI' mean?

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. It is a safety device that interrupts power to your floor heating system in the event of a power surge or other power related issue. GFCI's are likely already in your home, most power outlets in North America are required to have them as a safety measure. Class A means that if a fault is detected the GFCI can shut off power to the device with only 5 mA of leakage.

Can I use a GFCI breaker with the thermostat even though its built in?

No, be sure to use a regular breaker or you may experience repeated cold floor as a result of the two GFCI's constantly turning the other one off. This is the case for any GFCI device, if you combine two of them they will constantly think the other is a problem and turn off.

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