In-Floor FAQ's

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Warning: The installation of high voltage equipment should be performed by a qualified electrician. Please ensure that you comply with local electrical codes and regulations. Improper installation can lead to device failure and even cause a fire. Damage to thermostat due to improper installation is not covered under warranty.

Can the Mysa In-Floor thermostat be used with any brand of in-floor heating?

Yes! Just be sure to check the compatibility of Mysa with your current system. It may be best to consult an electrician to verify Mysas compatibility.

Why do I need a floor thermostat?

A floor thermostat regulates the temperature of your electric radiant floor heating system. Unlike thermostats for HVAC systems or other heating systems, in-floor thermostats are designed to handle line voltage (either 120V or 240V). Also, in-floor thermostats have features that other thermostats don't have, such as:

  • Class A GFCI's
  • Floor Sensors
  • Air-sensing modes


What is the best place to install Mysa?

Ideally, the best place to install Mysa is in the same room as the floor heating system. Since Mysa is installed in an already existing gang box, as long as its in the same room as the floor heating , its a fine place to install.

My floor no longer heats up. Does this mean that the heating wires are broken?

If you didn't remove tiles, cut a hole in your floor, or otherwise disturb your floor, it is highly unlikely that the wires are broken. An easy fix is to restart your thermostat, you can do this by holding down the up and down arrows for about 15-20 seconds until you see 'RT', let go of the arrows and a smiley face should appear. This should fix the problem.

Can Mysa be used with an older in floor heating system?

Yes, as long as the heating system meets the energy requirements of Mysa.  

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