Thermostat installation

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Warning: The installation of high voltage equipment should be performed by a qualified electrician. Please ensure that you comply with local electrical codes and regulations. Improper installation can lead to device failure and even cause a fire. Damage to thermostat due to improper installation is not covered under warranty.

My Mysa is showing H2. What do I do?

The H2 error is a result of an incomplete (open) heating circuit. To complete the heater circuit:

  • Mysa’s LOAD connection must make contact with the heater supply connection; and
  • Mysa’s L2 (N) wire must make contact with the heater return wire.

The other scenario is that the heaters return wire in the L2 or neutral bundles is not making contact with the other wires in the wire nut. 

If you need help determining your specific wiring configuration, consult this guide

How do I wire up Mysa?

Follow the step by step installation guide here.

Theres no grounding screw in my gang box, what do I do?

In some cases, there is no grounding screw in the gang box. In this case, look for a grounding wire in the gang box, which is usually green or bare copper. It's possible for there to be multiple in the gang box. Make sure to connect the green wire from the Mysa to one of these grounding wires in the gang box.

How do I factory reset Mysa?

1. Press and hold both arrows for 10-15 seconds. 

2. Allow roughly 30 seconds for the unit to reboot and initialize.

3. A smiley face should appear.

4. Hold the up and down arrows again until FR appears. 

5. The pairing triangle will appear. 

Your thermostat has now been reset to factory defaults.

How do I verify the thermostats firmware version?

In the Mysa app, tap the card of the thermostat you'd like to see the firmware version of. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner, scroll down to the bottom of the page. The firmware version will look like these numbers- 1.3.0

Mysa will update its firmware on its own. At this time there is no way to control firmware updates.

The colours of the wires are different in my gang box than in your diagrams, what do I do?

You need to determine the purpose of each of your wires in your electrical box. See the voltage identification guide, here.

My Mysa isn't powering on, what do I do?

This article will also apply to the following inquiries: The display isn't on, my thermostat stopped working, the faceplate isn't working, and Mysa will not turn on.

Solution One:

  1. Turn off the breaker connected to Mysa.
  2. Follow the step by step install guide, here.

Solution Two:

It is possible that the pins that connect the faceplate to the backing have gone out of alignment. Remove the faceplate and ensure that these pins (pictured below) are aligned before putting the faceplate back on. If one is out of alignment carefully press it back into alignment and place the faceplate back on the unit.


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