What is a zone and how do I create one?

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One of the many benefits of baseboard heating, is that you can easily control your heating in zones. This means that you can control your heating room-by-room rather than by one central thermostat. At Mysa, we think of zones as groups of thermostats, usually 2 or more thermostats. Thermostats in the same zone all follow the same schedule and will all have the same set point temperature.

How to create a zone

  1. Open the Mysa app and tap menu
  2. Tap create zones
  3. Tap start
  4. On the name your zone screen, tap the text input field to create the name for your zone
  5. Tap the rooms (thermostats) that you'd like to add to this zone. A checkmark indicates that the room was added.
  6. Tap confirm to end the process
  7. An alert will appear indicating that you have successfully created a zone. Tap one of the options to either create another zone or return to the home menu. 
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