App features not working

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'Next' Button Not Working

The first thing is to make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the app (i.e. have you updated the app recently?). If you have then follow these steps:

-Go to the Apple Home app on IOS.

-Create a Home; if it is your first time setting up HomeKit, clicking "Get Started" will create a Home automatically and you should be able to then go and pair your Mysa.

-Try pairing the thermostat again. It should work now.

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Brightness shutting off

If your active brightness is set to 100% and it is still shutting off, make sure your inactive brightness is set to at least 10%. Active brightness can not remain active, unless you have a minimal brightness set for inactive. 

Spending is NaN or when energy charting shows NaN

If your energy charting graph shows NaN, it means you have not set up your spending or electricity rate. Simply adjust your settings and your Energy Charting graph will display as intended. The images below depict before and after:




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