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Can I control Mysas in different homes from the same phone?

Yes, you can control up to 25 different Mysas from the same phone. These Mysas can be spread across different houses. Just remember to use a clear naming system to be sure you know which one you're controlling. 

How do I change the set point temperature?

You can change the set point temperature on the Mysa app or by using the buttons on the arrows on the display of the thermostat. 

Is it possible to check the status of my heater?

Yes, you can check the status of all your heaters on the Mysa app. The duty cycle icon is the flame in the upper right-hand corner of each thermostat card. 


The duty cycle icon varies between four different stages:

No Flame (Off)  0%
1 flame 1 - 32%
2 flame 33-66%
3 flame 67-100%

These numbers represent how much your heater is working to heat your room. 

How do I submit a bug report?

There are two ways you can submit a bug report; The first method is by shaking your phone with the app open. The second method is to take a screen shot of the screen where you experienced the issue. 

Both of these methods will produce the following screen, where you can select which section best fits with your report. 


How do I know my Mysa is connected to the internet?

You wont be able to check the connection on the thermostat itself, you'll need to check the app. On the thermostat tile on the main screen of the app, if you see a WIFI symbol with an exclamation point through it, that means that your Mysa is not connected to the internet. If you don't see the WIFI symbol that means that the connection is fine. 

I have questions about Mysa's security and privacy policy

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, click here

If you have any concerns about security, please email security@getmysa.com with your concerns.

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