Baseboard Thermostat specifications

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How to manually adjust the temperature

The up and down arrows on Mysas display are buttons that can be used to change the temperature. all schedules and advanced settings must be accessed through the Mysa app.

Are there other colours available other than white?

No, currently the only colour available is white.

What are Mysa's dimensions?

Mysa is 5.7" tall, 3.9" wide and comes off the wall 1.1". (In metric; height 143mm, width 97mm and depth 28mm). This means that Mysa can fit any standard gang box opening.

Can Mysa detect open windows or a change in weather?

At this time Mysa does not have the ability to detect a change in weather or an open window.

Does Mysa make clicking sounds like traditional thermostats?

No, unlike traditional thermostats, Mysa does not make any clicking sounds.

Does Mysa work in high moisture/humid areas?

Yes, Mysa has been tested and certified to function in high moisture areas, such as bathrooms.

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