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I don't want to use HomeKit to connect the thermostats

If you lost your HomeKit code, or do not want to use Apple HomeKit, you can disable it completely. 

To do so:

  • Open your IOS settings app
  • Scroll down and select the Mysa app
  • Turn off 'Home Data'

Go back to the Mysa app and tap 'Add Thermostat'. You should be able to proceed to connect your thermostat to WIFI using the Apple pairing method. 

How to reconnect Mysa without losing your settings

In order to effectively perform this task using your Android, you must do the following:

  1.  You will see the option to "remove the thermostat" - Remember not to do this!
  2. Go to "Add Thermostat" in the side menu.
  3.  Follow the instructions to pair.
  4. Click "Keep" on popup.

My Mysas are showing an exclamation point through them

What you can do is hard reset the Mysa app, this means to force quit the app. If that didn't work it means that your Mysa has disconnected from the WIFI. You need to try reconnecting Mysa to the internet. 

How do I set the thermostat to pairing mode?

Mysa is in pairing mode for fifteen minutes after one of two things: the device has been reset and powering the device (for the first time or after the power has been turned off). To put the thermostat in pairing mode, hold down the up and down arrows for about 10-15 seconds. A smiley face should appear first, then you will see the following triangular pattern on the display:


When this symbol is present you can connect your device to Mysa by using the WIFI signal that Mysa is now emitting. The WIFI signal should appear like this:


Mysa network diagnostic tool

Mysa has partnered with RouteThis Helps, a third party network diagnostic tool, to help you troubleshoot pairing, WiFi, and general connectivity issues with your Mysa Smart Thermostat. 

What it does: RouteThis Helps mimics our products on your network, checking if the needed ports are open as well as testing your network's upload & download speeds. It will also send test packets to our servers to confirm that you are able to connect to them from your location.

When to use RouteThis: If you're having trouble connecting your thermostat to WiFi, or you find the thermostat is repeatedly dropping WiFi connection.

How to use: RouteThis Helps is very easy to use.

  1. Please download the free RouteThis Helps app from your devices App Marketplace.
  2. Make sure Battery Saver mode is turned off on your phone or tablet.
  3. When it prompts for a code, please type "MYSA" (not case sensitive). The app will automatically capitalize all input. 
  4. Place the device the RouteThis app is on next to the thermostat you are having issues with.
  5. Please confirm your device is attached to the same 2.4GHz signal on your WiFi as the thermostat and next to the thermostat's setup location.
  6. Press the start button, which for most people should be labeled "I Moved It."
  7. The scan will take about 4-5 minutes. 
  8. Once the scan is complete, it will produce a code. Please copy that code.
  9. If you are not already in contact with an agent, please contact support with the code and a description of the issue you are experiencing for further assistance.
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