Heater issues

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What do I do if my heater won't turn off?

This typically occurs just after Mysa has been installed. What you can do is make sure the wires are connected correctly, you can remove all the wires and take Mysa off the wall, then re-install the entire thing. One other thing you can do is to lower the set point temperature lower than the current room temperature, this should force the heaters to power off. If neither of these worked, please contact a professional electrician to look at your heater. 

My heater is not turning on/ there is no heat. 

This applies to Mysas that are powered on but the heaters are not on or not producing heat. 

Make sure that Mysa is getting its power from the main service panel. You should turn the set point temperature above the current room temperature as this should force the heater to turn on/begin heating. Finally, ensure that Mysas load wire is correctly connected to the heater cables. 

My heater is clicking, humming or making any other weird noise.

After Mysa has been installed, many homeowners notice clicking or humming noises coming from the heaters now controlled by Mysa. This is usually caused by the heating elements in the heater expanding and contracting more often. The links below are some articles that can help to remove these noises. 

Fix a buzzing heater in 4 easy steps

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Why are my heaters turning off and on quickly?

This is intentional! Mysas control algorithms will quickly turn the heaters on and off to stabilize room temperature. Once a temperature has been set, Mysa will stay at that temperature by controlling the heaters constantly.

Can Mysa control two heaters that aren't already connected to each other?

No, the two heaters would have to be wired together in the gang box for Mysa control them. 

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