Purchasing Mysa

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What shipping partners or services do you use?

In Canada orders are shipped with Canada Post ground shipping and UPS Canada domestic shipping. In the United States orders of less than six thermostats are shipped via UPS ground services. Orders of over six thermostats are shipped via FedEx ground shipping.

Where can I purchase Mysa?

You can purchase Mysa from our website, Amazon.ca/Amazon.com and if you're in Atlantic Canada you can buy Mysa from Kent Home Improvement.

How much does shipping cost and what currency do you accept?

We provide free standard shipping through UPS in the United States and Canada Post in Canada. We do not offer two-day or next-day shipping at this time. Our website offers both CAD and USD currencies, if you are purchasing in Canada the price is in CAD and if you are purchasing in the US the price is in USD.

What is PayBright?

PayBright is a Canadian Firm that helps people finance purchases online.We’ve partnered with them to offer our Canadian customers 7.95% financing for 6 months on purchases of over $500 (4 Mysas). The application process is simple, and the approval rates are high. If the initial cost of setting up your whole house with Mysas is too high for a one time purchase, you can spread it out over half a year. All you have to do is select the PayBright option in our cart on our shop page when you check out to see if you qualify. 

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