Mysa Lab Features

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What are Mysa Labs?

Mysa labs are features that we've been working on to help make Mysa the most user-friendly, fully featured electric heating system on the market. 

These features are purely experimental. We've included them at this point because we are confident with them but we could use some more feedback. These features may be changed in the future, dropped entirely or they may remain the same. This is all part of our testing process to make sure Mysa is the best product it can be. 

The Mysa Labs feature is turned off by default, but you can turn it back on in the menu on the Mysa app. Tap account, tap advanced, tap Experimental Features and then tap Activate.  Once this is done, the app will give you a disclaimer about the nature of the features. After they are turned on, they will show up on the menu screen with an image of a beaker, just to remind you that these are experimental features. Feel free to use these features as much as you'd like, but expect some bugs along the way- they're still in development, of course.

 What are shortcuts?

Shortcuts are actions that can be applied to multiple thermostat at once. The available shortcuts are; Home shortcut, Away shortcut and Vacation shortcut. 

After you've turned on experimental features, you can turn on shortcuts. To do that, open the menu bar on the Mysa app, select shortcuts and choose which shortcut you want to use at that time. The shortcuts will lower the temperature if you chose 'Away', and the temperature will return to the original temperature if you chose 'Home' or 'Vacation'. This feature helps you save more energy when you're not home. 

What is GeoFencing?

The GeoFencing feature has yet to be rolled out to the general public, however it has been released as an experimental feature. To turn this on, follow the steps above. 

The GeoFencing feature puts essentially a very large circle around your thermostat. Once you leave this circle the thermostat automatically lowers the temperature by however much you select. When you re-enter this circle, your thermostat will raise the temperature again to what it was set to before. The goal of this feature is to save on energy long term. 

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