Changing schedules

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How can I change the schedule?

If you have a previously set schedule on you Mysa app, you can adjust the schedule whenever you'd like. Here's how:

  1. Open the Mysa app.
  2. On the Home screen, tap the card of the thermostat or heating zone for which you wish to change the schedule.
  3. In the bottom row of icons of the Thermostat screen, tap the Schedule icon.
  4. If a preset temperature schedule is found, the Mysa app will display the scheduled temperature set points for each day of the week.
    • To adjust an existing temperature event, you can tap the box. Click Save to store the scheduled set point or Delete to remove the scheduled set point.
    • To create a new temperature event, you can tap the Plus button. The options will appear to allow you to select the days of the week, the time of day, and the desired set point temperature. Tap Save to add this new temperature event to your schedule.

How many schedules can I make?

Every individual thermostat can have its own schedule, so if you have four thermostats you can have four different schedules. 

Each weekly schedule (for each individual thermostat) can only have 56 schedule events. A schedule event consists of a time and a set point temperature. We recommend evenly distributing these throughout the week rather than having them all in one or two days. If you do use all 56 changes in one day, you won't be able to have any other changes until the beginning of the following week. 

Can I program a thermostat in the typical 5 days/2 days, morning/afternoon/evening/night?

Yes, you can easily create any schedule that you need. Each day of the week can be completely customized. 

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