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Does Mysa show the temperature in celsius or Fahrenheit, can I set it to half degrees?

Out of the box Mysa will display the temperature in Celsius, however this can be changed. On the settings screen of the Mysa app you can change the temperature format by selecting Fahrenheit.

 If you are using the celsius scale then yes, however if you're using Fahrenheit then this is not possible. On your app it will show the degrees in half degrees, but on the thermostat it will show this as nearest rounded number.

How do I turn off the display or adjust the brightness?

To turn off the display you must change the inactive brightness to 0% in the settings screen of the Mysa app. This will turn off the display until it's touched, at that time it will return to the active brightness level. The process for adjusting the brightness is very much the same, however you don't need to set the brightness to 0%. The following video will show you how to adjust the brightness on the display of your Mysa:


How do I use the touch buttons on the Mysa display and how do I lock these buttons?

The arrows on the Mysa display are buttons that can be used to manually change the temperature of the thermostat. To use the buttons, place you finger on one of the arrows after about one second the temperature on the display should begin to go up or down depending on which button you have your finger on. To lock these buttons, you need to go to settings on the Mysa app and under 'Button Control' select locked. 

How do I remove the faceplate?

 To remove the faceplate, you must first remove the faceplate screw on the bottom of the unit. Once this is complete, carefully press and slide off the faceplate. To put the faceplate back on, simply slide it back on and put the screw back in place. 

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