Heater settings

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Which type heater should I select in the Mysa app?

Baseboard- This type is recommended for Mysa's controlling electric baseboard heaters.

Fan forced- This type is recommended for Mysa's controlling electric fan forced heaters or toe kick heaters. The below table explains the difference in the fan forced cycle types.

Option Period Length Min On Time Max off Time Max Cycles per Hour
Short 3 Minutes 45 Seconds 45 Seconds 20 on + 20 off
Medium 4 Minutes 60 Seconds 60 Seconds 15 on + 15 off
Long 6 Minutes 90 Seconds 90 Seconds 10 on + 10 off


Radiant- This type should be selected if your Mysa is controlling an electric radiant system, such as radiant ceiling heaters. In this mode, Mysa will only turn on when the room temperature falls to 0.5 Deg C (1 Deg F) less than the set temperature.

Please note that 'Radiant' control will only appear on Mysa's running firmware 1.4.2 or newer. If your thermostat is not on the latest firmware it should update about 3 hours after installation. 

Tip: You can select Radiant type if you want Mysa your baseboard or fan-forced heaters to cycle less often.

What is Eco-Mode?

Eco-Mode is a feature built into Mysa thermostats that helps boost energy savings. How it works is, two hours after a set point change Mysa will adjust itself into Eco-Mode. At that time Mysa will lower the set temperature by 0.5 Deg C, thus saving energy. The change in temperature is virtually indistinguishable to most people but it will dramatically affect energy savings. Eco-Mode comes pre-enabled on all Mysa thermostats running firmware version 1.1.13 or newer, it can be disabled on the settings screen in the Mysa app. The following video will show you how to disable Eco-Mode in the Mysa app:

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