Heating and Energy Specifications

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Does Mysa drive an inductive or resistive load?

Mysa is designed to drive a resistive load, however it does work with fan forced heaters that have a small motor.

Can Mysa control a baseboard heater and fan forced heater at the same time?

Yes, you can control two different kinds of heaters from the one thermostat. In this case you should set the heater type to "Fan-Forced" mode in the Mysa app, or you run the risk of running the fan too often.

What certifications does Mysa have?

Mysa is tested to UL and CSA standards through Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL). The NRTL certification is displayed on the back of the Mysa unit.”

No, Mysa is not ENERGY STAR Certified. This is because it is impossible for a unit such as Mysa to obtain certification since Mysa only controls heating units. To obtain certification a unit must control heating AND cooling equipment. However, Mysa does incorporate many of the ENERGY STAR guidelines, such as; default ENERGY STAR schedules and measuring the room temperature within +/- 0.4 F/0.1 ℃. 

Does Mysa use TRIAC or a Relay?

Mysa is designed around a solid state switching device called TRIAC. TRIAC is the component of the thermostat that regulates the amount of current travelling to the heater. Rather than constantly turning the heater on and off to remain around the set temperature (Relay), Mysa uses just enough energy to get the room to the set temperature. In the diagram on the top, just below, you can see how traditional thermostats heat rooms, and on the bottom you can see how Mysa is able to get the temperature to a set point and stay there.


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