Baseboard compatibility

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Can Mysa be used to control In-Ceiling Radiant Heating Systems?

Yes, Mysa can be used with most Radiant Heating Systems. Please make sure the total wattage to each thermostat is less than 3800W. It is also recommended to select "Radiant Mode" in settings on the Mysa app.

Can Mysa control pellet stoves, fire places or gas furnaces?

No, Mysa is designed for high voltage heaters only. Mysa is not designed to control low voltage systems such as electric fireplaces, gas furnaces or pellet stoves. 

Can Mysa be used to control Air-Conditioning (AC) Units?

No, Mysa is designed to control baseboard and air forces heating systems and is not designed to control AC units.

Does Mysa work with baseboard heaters that have built in controls only?

No, Mysa does not work with heaters that have a built in control knob/dial. Although, it may be possible to get an electrician to add an electrical box and wire Mysa to the heater.

Will Mysa work with any brand of electric baseboard heater?

Yes, as long as the heater is a single phase heater within the energy limits for the Mysa thermostat.

Is Mysa compatible with Fan-Coil heating units?

At this time no, however since there has been significant demand for a compatible version, we plan to develop a second generation of Mysa that will be compatible.

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