Technical Specifications


Compatibility   Electrical 
Most high voltage electric heating systems: Fits Standard Size
Gang Box 
Baseboard Heater  Power: 3800 W Max 
Convector (short cycle)  Voltage: 120 V AC/ 240 V AC 
Fan-Forced Convector
(long cycle)
Current: 16 A Max 
Radiant Ceiling Heating  
Mysa is certified to the following standards:
UL 60730
CSA E60730


App & Connectivity

iPhone Android  Connectivity 
Devices running iOS 10.2 & above.  Phone or tablet running Android 4.4 "Kit-Kat" & Above.  Internet connection required
for remote access. 
    Also required for
"smart" thermostat features. 
Security  Wireless 
Supports WPA2  Wi-Fi – 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
Traffic is encrypted end-to-end using AES256-SHA over TLS   



Dimensions  Display  Sensors 
Height: 5.7 in  LED display with capacitive touch buttons. Temperature: +/- 0.4 F/0.1 ℃ 
Width: 3.8 in    Humidity: +/- 2% 
Depth: 1.1 in   Control Range: Complete Off,
5-30 ℃


Packaging  Languages  Warranty 
Mysa Thermostat  English  2 Year Warranty 
Electrical Box Mounting Screws  French   
Wire Connectors     
Installation Guide     



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