How to Reconnect Mysa Without Losing your Settings

In order to ensure that you do not remove any settings, simply do not remove the thermostat from the app before pairing and it will retain all of the settings.

Data is actually not deleted when resetting, only the settings have the possibility of being removed during this process; therefore by doing this, you will then also be saving your settings. At the end of pairing it will detect that there is a popup about the settings saying "keep" or "overwrite", please ensure that you click "keep".

 In order to effectively perform this task using your Android, you must do the following:

  1.  You will see the option to "remove the thermostat" remember, not to do this!
  2.  Go to "Add Thermostat" in the side menu.
  3.  Follow the instructions to pair.
  4. Click "Keep" on popup.
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