What do I do if my heaters won't turn off

This article applies to a heater(s) that won't turn off, or heaters that are stuck on. This typically happens after you've just installed Mysa.

1. Ensure the thermostat is wired correctly

More often than not, a heater that is stuck on is the result of an installation error. Typically, the home's supply wire is connected directly to the heater wire, bypassing Mysa altogether. Please re-install Mysa and ensure that the home's supply wire is connected to Mysa's supply wire, and that the heater wire is connected to Mysa's load wire. For detailed installations resources, click here.

2. Setpoint is below the room temperature

Hold Mysa's down arrow to lower the setpoint temperature below the room temperature. The heater should start to cool up within two minutes. If not, contact a qualified electrician to check your thermostat and heater.

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