How can I calculate the total wattage connected to one thermostat?

Many homeowners wonder how they can calculate the current total wattage of their baseboard heaters in each room. If you’re thinking about purchasing Mysa Smart Thermostats for your home, you should know there’s a limit: Mysa can handle up to 3800W. This is roughly the standard for any high voltage thermostat. We strongly recommend that you do not exceed this wattage.

Method 1

The easiest way to calculate the total wattage of your current baseboard heaters is to locate the manufacturer’s label on your heaters. The wattage is often listed on a sticker. If the wattage is not listed on the label, you can determine the wattage of each heater with this simple formula:

Method Two

If you are unable to read or locate the manufacturer’s label, then you can estimate the wattage for each baseboard by measuring the length. As a general rule, you can approximate the heater’s wattage by using the following calculation:

However, remember that this is an estimate. If your calculations come anywhere close to the 3800W limit, please consult a professional to make sure that Mysa is compatible.