What Are Mysa Labs?

Mysa labs are features that we’ve been working on to help make Mysa the most user-friendly and fully featured electric heating solution on the market.

These features are exactly what they sound like: experimental. This means that they are still a work-in-progress, and we’ve included them because they are at the point where we are confident that we could use more feedback. This doesn’t mean that these features will end up being improved – or included at all! they may be changed completely, integrated into the app in different ways, or dropped altogether. This is all part of this testing process and our commitment to getting things right and making every Mysa customer’s experience the best it can be.

Mysa Labs feature turned off by default, to enable Mysa labs, tap the sidebar menu, > tap your name and email address > tap Experimental Features > and then tap the on button.  you’ll see Experimental Features listed with an On/Off toggle.

It will give you a little disclaimer about the nature of these features. Once you turn them on, they’ll show up in the menu with a little beaker symbol to denote that they are only experimental features. Feel free to use them, but expect some bugs along the way – they’re still in development, of course.

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