What are Shortcuts and how do I use them?

Shortcuts are actions that can be applied to multiple thermostats with one tap. For example, you can make a Shortcut to tell all of your thermostats to follow a schedule. You can also set the desired set-point temperature of just one, a few, or as many thermostats you want.

There are two Shortcuts, a Home Shortcut and an Away Shortcut.

How do I turn on Shortcuts?

You can turn on Shortcuts by enabling the experimental features option in the Mysa app. To enable these features, tap the sidebar menu on the left, > tap Account > tap Advanced > tap Experimental features > and then tap Activate. Then, navigate back to the Mysa home screen

On the home screen, the Shortcut icon will be in the top right-hand corner. Tapping it will take you to the Shortcut setup wizard.




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