If you didn't receive your verification code

When you create your Mysa app account, we'll send you an email to verify your account. If you can't find the email after we send it, these steps can help.

1. Search for the email

We'll send the email from noreply@getmysa.com so you can quickly search for it. If it isn't in your inbox, check your folders. If a spam filter or email rule moved the email, it might be in the spam, junk, trash, deleted items, or archive folder.

2. Make sure you're checking the correct email account

If you're looking for a verification email, make sure you're checking the correct email inbox. It will be the email you used to create your Mysa account. For your reminder, the email we sent the verification to is displayed on the verification screen in the Mysa app. 

If the email address is incorrect, tap the arrow on the verification screen of the Mysa app to go back to the previous screen.

3. Resend the email

To resend the verification email, tap Resend verification code and we'll resend an email to that address.

4. Make sure that you're getting email

If you're not getting any email, you might need to contact your email service provider for help.


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