What do the different app icons mean?


Please ensure you have created a Mysa App Account in order to access all of these features! 


1. Where the Settings for the individual Mysa thermostat are found 

2. The current room temperature (in Celsius.) Can change to Fahrenheit in Settings. 

3. Current humidity reading in the room.

4. The status of your heater which you can find more information about here

5. The set-point temperature

6. The following modes: Off, Follow (schedule), Hold*

7. This is where you can select to create your own schedule

8. Where the energy charting feature is located. Allows users to view their electricity consumption in chart form.

*see image below



1. Hold feature; overrides schedule to Hold whatever temperature you've selected. You must go back and turn it off yourself. 

2. Hold Till; overrides schedule to Hold the temperature you've selected, but will then stop and follow schedule again after the time you've chosen for it to cut off. 


1. The WiFi Disconnect symbol, the unit is no longer connected to your network 

2. The location of the Menu for the entire app*

*Detailed below 


1. Add a Mysa unit to your account; where you start the Pairing Process 

2. Creating a Zone groups all of your units together and 1 command goes to all of them 

3. Ability to create a custom schedule based on your personal needs, or there is an option for you to select a pre-determined "standard" work-week schedule 

4. Enables you to create a special schedule for the duration of your extended absence

5. If you need help, this gives you access to our Help Desk articles, a Step-by-Step Installation Guide, or a point of contact for Support 


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