Mysa Smart Thermostat Firmware

Mysa Smart Thermostats Firmware 1.4.2 (Released May 17 2019)

  • Improved brightness control. 10% brightness is much darker now.
  • Radiant "On/Off" control.  Select Radiant control if you want your thermostats to cycle your heaters less.
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Please allow a week for your thermostat to receive the update.

Mysa Smart Thermostats Firmware 1.3.0 (Released February 27 2019)

Reduced bandwidth usage
Quicker communication between thermostat and app

Update your Mysa app and firmware 1.3.0 will automatically download to all of your thermostats after a few hours.

Mysa Smart Thermostats Firmware 1.2.4 (Released January 4 2019)

improvements to WiFi reliability and stability

Mysa Smart Thermostats Firmware 1.2.1 (Released November 28 2018)

Bug Fixes

Mysa Smart Thermostats Firmware 1.1.18 (Released October 31 2018)

Improvements to Apple HomeKit stability and reliability
Added temperature to setpoint animation on the device
Fan-forced mode has a minimum on or off time of 1 minute
Improvements and bug fixes

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