How do I use Mysa with Google Home?

We offer the Mysa skill to integrate your thermostat with Google Home Ecosystem. With the Mysa skill, you can tell Google to set the temperature, ask the room temperature and more from your Google Home Devices or the Google Assistant

How do I connect Google Home to your thermostats?

Step 1: Set up your thermostat with your Mysa app and name your thermostat.

Step 2: Connect Mysa to your Google Assistant

For detailed instructions on connecting your Mysa to your Google Assistant, see the following article on Google’s website: Control smart home devices using Google Assistant >

What commands can I use?

If you’re giving a voice command, start by saying “Hey Google,” then tell your Google Assistant what you want to know or what you want to do. Here are some examples.

"Hey Google, what’s the temperature inside?"
"Hey Google, make it warmer (or cooler)"
"Hey Google, set the temperature to [#] degrees"
"Hey Google, raise (or lower) the temperature [#] degrees"

Things to keep in mind

  • The Google Home Integration works with all thermostats that are connected to your Mysa account.
  • If your thermostats are disconnected from WiFI, Google won’t be able to access the thermostats. You’ll need to make sure the thermostats are online in the Mysa app on your phone before giving a voice command to Google.
  • If you rename your thermostats in the Mysa app after you set it up with Google, you will need to have Google disable and then re-enable it.
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