How do I reboot or restart my Mysa?

If you need to reboot your individual Mysas, it is as simple as holding the down arrow on the thermostat.

Why would I reboot/restart my Mysa?

While most customers never need to reboot their Mysa, power cycling your electronics is a common troubleshooting step. Also, for your convenience, being able to reboot your Mysa from the thermostat means you won't need to go to the circuit breaker to power cycle the thermostats.

Some common reasons to reboot your Mysa:

  • Mysa has disconnected from WiFi (Red Exclamation point in Mysa app / no response in HomeKit)
  • The temperature is reading higher than usual
  • Settings are not being saved

How do I reboot my Mysa

To reboot your Mysa, hold the down arrow for about 15-20 seconds.  You should see Mysa lower the set point temperature, and then enter off mode; represented by the dashed line. Keep holding  the down arrow until the thermostat displays "RT". Let go of the down arrow, and the thermostat should reboot and display the smiley face.

Help! I'm unable to reboot my Mysa using the down arrow

If the software reboot did not resolve your issue, or the arrows are not responding to your touch, then you should power cycle the thermostat by flipping the circuit breaker off and then back on.

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