What is Eco Mode and how does it work?

What is Eco Mode?

Eco mode is a feature built into the Mysa Smart Thermostat designed to boost your energy savings. The Eco mode feature is designed to work alongside the PID controller, and schedule feature to further maximize energy savings.

How does it work?

It has been shown that lowering your thermostats setpoint by even a small amount such as one degree or even half a degree can have a significant effect on your energy consumption. Eco Mode strives to take advantage of this fact by following your setpoint exactly using our advanced PID technology for the first two hours after any setpoint change (when you need it the most). After this point the thermostat will automatically re-adjust itself to go into an energy saving mode, where the thermostat will maintain a temperature which is 0.5 degrees Celsius less than the current setpoint, hence saving you energy when you don't need the heat. This change in temperature will be virtually indistinguishable to most people but will affect energy savings. And if you do feel cold, change the setpoint, and the thermostat will go back to maximising for comfort.
The great thing about Eco Mode is that it will work on any Mysa out of the box, in any state. Configuration is not even required. Since this Mysa Smart Thermostat has a built-in Real Time Clock module, the thermostat can maintain time from the moment it boots. Usually, we would have to synchronise our clock with an online server to be able to tell the time of day and hence run a schedule. But since eco mode does not depend on the time of day, and only really cares about durations (2 hours), this mode will always work even if you have never had an internet connection.

It is also worth mentioning that eco modes behaviour will be the same for all setpoint changes, and in all modes except off mode. That includes manual (button) changes, App changes, Schedule Changes, Hold Till, Vacation Mode etc. Since this mode is controlled at the level of the PID controller, it is only keeping track of the time at which the current setpoint was applied, and whether or not two hours have elapsed. Off mode is an exception because the PID controller is entirely disabled when in off mode. No matter where the setpoint came from, or which mode the device is in, the thermostat will maximise comfort for 2 hours, and then drop back into energy saving mode.

Can Eco Mode be disabled?

Eco mode will come pre-enabled on all Mysa Smart Thermostats running Firmware Version 1.1.13 or newer. This mode can easily be disabled in our app which is the recommended way, but can also be turned off on the thermostat using the new thermostat configuration menu at boot.

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