Understanding the proportional control for baseboard and fan forced heaters

Mysa uses state of the art control algorithms to adjust how much heat your heaters put out to stabilize the room temperature. Every 15 seconds, Mysa looks at how quickly the room temperature is changing and adjusts what’s called the duty cycle of heater, also called proportional control.

Duty cycle is essentially the fraction of time the heaters are on for a given cycle length or period. The cycle length is different for baseboard heaters and fan forced heaters.

For baseboard heaters, the cycle length is 15 seconds. 50% duty cycle would mean the baseboard heater is “on” for 7.5 seconds and then “off” for 7.5 seconds. Mysa will continually adjust the fraction of on time, duty cycle, to either heat the room up as quickly as possible or stabilize the room temperature as much as possible +/- 0.25 C

For fan forced heaters the cycle length is 180 second (3 minutes). 50% cycle would mean the fan forced heater would be “on” for 90 seconds and then “off” for 90 seconds.

Note that Mysa thermostats come with the baseboard heater cycle length as default. If you are using Mysa for fan forced, you must go to the settings page of the thermostat and change the heater type to fan forced. You will know that your thermostat received this updated setting when you see a checkmark shown on thermostat.

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