Recommended WiFi network and router settings for use with Mysa

In general, Mysa will work virtually anywhere that has a WiFi signal. There are, however, some requirements in order for Mysa to join the WiFi network and function correctly. Below is a summary of the WiFi requirements.

  • Home Wi-Fi® 2.4 GHz (802.11 B/G/N)
  • None, WPA or WPA2 (AES) Network Security
  • mDNS Enabled (Required for setting up Mysa with iOS devices)
  • Client Isolation Disabled
  • UPnP Enabled

WiFi Restrictions

A small number of WiFi routers are problematic with Mysa, so click here to check if your router is on this list.

Mobile hotspots, guest networks, and other types of internet service are not recommended for use with Mysa. In addition, Mysa does not support Enterprise networks such as 802.1x/RADIUS or captive portal networks (networks that require you to agree to terms of service, such as a coffee shop or hotel).


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