Does Mysa use progressive heating?

Yes, it does. Mysa uses a proportional control algorithm to heat the room. Mysa's proportional control algorithm can adjust the output of the heater to match the power that is required to maintain the setpoint. The current is regulated from 0 to 100%, increasing by 10% intervals. This is something a relay cannot achieve. The graph on the left represents heating a room with a relay based thermostat that implements an on/off control strategy. As the measured temperature swings above and below the setpoint temperature frequently, you may feel too warm and too cold at times.

There are also significant energy losses as a result of using a relay. The graph on the right represents heating a room with a TRIAC-based thermostat implementing a well tuned proportional control algorithm. The room temperature will be maintained at the setpoint temperature, usually within ±0.1° C.  This gives better comfort and maximizes energy savings.

thermal_lag_thermostat_on-off-control_NO_BG.png PID-control-no_BG.png


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