Is it possible to see the status of my heater?

Yes, you can check the status of your heater with using the duty cycle icon. The duty cycle icon, represented by the red-orange flame, is found in the top right-hand corner of each thermostat's card.


The duty cycle icon varies between four states:

Off  0%
1 flame 1 - 32%
2 flame 33-66%
3 flame 67-100%

As Mysa uses a proportional control algorithm to heat the room, the heat output of the heater, and therefore duty cycle icon, will decrease as the ambient air temperature reaches the desired setpoint temperature. 

How is the flame percentage calculated?

When Mysa turns your heater on it only does so for a specific amount of time, which is called a Cycle.

In order to determine a percentage Mysa calculates the percentage based on the amount of time the heater will be on for the cycle duration. Listed below are the detailed status icons and the corresponding times!

Baseboard - 15 second cycle

Off  0% 0s
1 flame 1 - 32% 1-5s
2 flame 33-66% 5.1-9.9s
3 flame 67-100% 10-15s


Fan Forced (Slow) - 45 second cycle

Off  0% 0s
1 flame 1 - 32% 1-15s
2 flame 33-66% 15.1-30s
3 flame 67-100% 30.1-45s


Fan Forced (Medium) - 60 second cycle

Off  0% 0s
1 flame 1 - 32% 1-20s
2 flame 33-66% 20.1-40s
3 flame 67-100% 40.1-60s


Fan Forced (Long) - 90 second cycle

Off  0% 0s
1 flame 1 - 32% 1-30s
2 flame 33-66% 30.1-60s
3 flame 67-100% 60.1-90s




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