How do I lock physical buttons on a thermostat?

As there are only two buttons on the Mysa Thermostat, you may be wondering how to lock the buttons on the thermostat's display. No need to worry, you can easily lock the manual buttons on the thermostat via the Mysa app.

Read the short instructions below

  1. Open the Mysa app.
  2. On the home screen, tap the card of the thermostat whose buttons you would like to lock.
  3. In the top right-hand corner of the Thermostat screen, tap the Gear icon.
  4. On the Settings screen, scroll down to the Thermostat Display Settings section.
  5. Under Button Control, tap the “Locked” option.

Or watch the video below


Once you’ve locked the manual buttons via the app, you will not be able to manually adjust the temperature on the thermostat itself. This will be the case until you unlock the buttons via the app as well.


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