Am I compatible with Mysa for Baseboard?

Warning: Any work with high voltage equipment can be dangerous or even fatal. It should be performed by a qualified electrician. Please ensure that you comply with local electrical codes and regulations. Improper installation can lead to device failure and even cause a fire. Damage to thermostat due to improper installation is not covered under Warranty.

Mysa works with most high voltage electric heating systems. Follow this guide to see if Mysa will work in your home.
Before you install your Mysa, you should use our online compatibility checker here. This will let you quickly see if your heating system will work with Mysa.

Detailed steps & important tips for checking compatibility:

1. Turn off the power at your circuit breaker that controls your existing thermostat.


2. Remove your existing thermostat from the wall.


3. Take several photos of the wiring behind your thermostat and inside your gang box.  Be sure to look in the gang box, your existing thermostat wiring does not necessarily indicate how many wires are in your gang box.

4. Use the Compatibility Checker to see if Mysa will work in your home.

Use the photos of your Home's wiring to complete the Compatibility Checker guide to see if Mysa works in your Home.

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