Is Mysa a single pole or double pole thermostat?

Mysa is a single pole thermostat. Unique to Mysa is that it still has the ability to turn the heater off despite being a single pole thermostat.

Can Mysa replace a double pole thermostat?

Yes! Mysa can replace a double pole thermostat in most cases even though it is only a single pole thermostat.

Usually, single pole thermostats cannot turn off all the way. How does Mysa do it?

Mysa is able to turn the heater completely off because the thermostat does not implement "power stealing" as a method of powering itself. This means that the heater will not be heating or using electricity when turned off. Technically, the heater will still be "live" as a result of Mysa being single pole, but the baseboard itself will not be outputting heat.

Is Mysa compatible with 208V?

It depends; if it is a single phase 208V service then yes, it is possible for Mysa to work. However, if it is a three phase service that requires the use of a double pole thermostat, then Mysa will not work because it is only a single pole thermostat.

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